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"is this what you call family? because we are no longer related. i have no brother."
April 20th

an arm to hold onto in the crowded airports, a shoulder to cry on when things get bad, a partner to tell all his secrets to.
there are people who love it when their loved ones shower them with presents, romantic dates and other commercial goods.
luhan prefers the hush whispers, the cute teasing and the reassuring thigh squeezes.
they are little things, but that is what luhan likes.
it’s the little things that has luhan falling for him.

{suchen; songfic: special ft. jennie kim - lee hi}
"Even if it’s not happiness,
even if it is unhappiness
Because it’s a gift you gave me, I thank you
Even though I hate you to death, I thank you
I’m not afraid of
loving again and being hurt again
Because no one could hurt me
as much as you did, no no no
Precious you, you, you.”

AU meme Sehun in 1Q84; “I’m like someone who’s been thrown into the ocean at night , floating all alone. I reach out , but no one is there. I call out , but no one answers. I have no connection to anything”
April 12th

{sekai; birthday sex}
it’s a bit frustrating really, when they were assigned different schedules and sehun couldn’t be with his boyfriend on his birthday.
the maknae grumbles to himself as he fumbles for the key to the dorm. “stupid kai and his lame ass schedule, stupid kai and his flaky ass attitude, stupid kai-“
he stops mid rant as he walks into his bedroom to find kai on the bed, naked. there’s a crude gold and white bow on his head and he’s smirking. “happy birthday ohdult.”
sehun swallows audibly as he drinks in the image before him. the fabric of the bow was the same kind as the one on the costumes they wore for the run & gun teaser. the memory of both of them canting their hips sensuously has sehun flushing. it seems like kai hasn’t forgotten about it either as he slowly slides the bow from his head to a lower region. a much, much lower region. “don’t you want your present, sehunnie?” kai crooks his fingers to the birthday boy as he gazes at him with predatory eyes.
“holy fuck.”
April 9th
April 7th

au meme; Kris as Val Toreth and Yixing as Keir Warrick in The Administration Series.
“Don’t try to pretend it wasn’t your idea.”“All right, I won’t.” He looked away for a moment, then looked back, his gaze very direct. “I wanted to see you. I remembered your birthday and I thought it would be a perfect opportunity.” He raised an eyebrow. “I really didn’t think that you’d mind.”We play games all the time, his tone implied.